Aug 01, 2010 · Windows 7 not connecting to Time Capsule I have 2 computers connected to Apple Time Capsule. I have the HP Notebook with Windows Vista Home Premium x64 SP1 with all updates connected to it and it is able to connect to the router part for wireless internet and connect to the hard drive part for a wireless external hard drive for back up.

Using Time Capsule with a Windows PC - Tech Info & Solutions Sep 30, 2010 It’s time to switch your Mac backups from Time Capsule to And if the Time Capsule hardware or the drive died, you could not swap that drive out without a lot of fuss. Then Apple stopped making new ones years ago and finally admitted it canceled the line Windows 7 not connecting to Time Capsule - Microsoft® Community Aug 01, 2010

I did and still found my unit was broken. The time capsule is a piece of junk. The airport without the hard drive is a more functional unit. I bought one and a hard drive that with a usb enclosure to connect a hard drive. I don’t trust the time capsule with my data. Seems to have heat sink issues that burn up the hard drive and internals.

Time Capsule is not recognizing Ethernet Cable | MacRumors Aug 25, 2014 Problems with wireless network and time capsule - JustAnswer Sep 22, 2012

Hello, I switched from an aging Time Capsule to Orbi. I used to connect remotely to the hard drive on the Time Capsule and can't seem to access the drive anymore. I attempted to port forward but while trying to connect even locally using the Mac's connect to server, the connect hangs and fails.

This Problem occur often with Time Capsule hard drive since upgrade to Sierra. Best solver to upgrade Time Capsule hard drive to SSD. Problem solve. Also to solve, can connect external hard disk drive to USB on Time Capsule. Must remember Time Capsule hard drive is 4 Time Machine. Not to act as NAS. Time Capsule Audio Network – TCAN is a live online radio station of Canada. It is broadcasting from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada with oldies music. TCAN spreads the music on the Century over 7 days…Monday-1900-1939, Tuesday 1940-49, Wednesday 1950-59, Thursday 1960-69, Friday 1970-79, Saturday 1980-89, Sunday 1990-99. Working when DNS set on machine but router (apple airport extreme / time capsule) not working Hey all, I've set up my pi and pi-hole however it appears to only be working when configuring the DNS on the client.