Create a SOCKS5 Proxy Server with Shadowsocks on Ubuntu and CentOS 7 Updated Wednesday, July 11, 2018 by Linode Contributed by Andrew Lescher Try this guide out by signing up for a Linode account with a $20 credit.

Jul 12, 2017 Shadowsocks - Advanced Optimize the shadowsocks server on Linux. First of all, upgrade your Linux kernel to 3.5 or later. Step 1, increase the maximum number of open file descriptors. To handle thousands of concurrent TCP connections, we should increase the limit of file descriptors opened. Edit the limits.conf. Srelay: the SOCKS proxy and Relay Srelay is a socks 4/5 protocol proxy server. Supports socks connect/bind request in the protocol v4, v4a, and v5. Supports socks server chaining with both v4 and v5 servers. Supports Username/Password authentication in v5 (not recommended). Testing on Linux-x86_64, macos 10.7-10.12, FreeBSD 10.1-11.1 Supports IPv6 as well as IPv4. Srelay is Free. Bladelogic socks proxy | BMC Communities Oct 14, 2014

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Bladelogic socks proxy | BMC Communities Oct 14, 2014

linux socks server - ip, proxies, reverse proxy We would install a VM on a Mac computer using VMware Fusion , the VM could then have installed on it Linux (any version). I would then connect 5 USB 4G dongles (all same brand), but different carrier sim in each to the Mac using USB port extender.

3Proxy tiny free proxy server is really tiny cross-platform (Win32/Win64&Unix) freeware proxy servers set. It includes HTTP proxy with HTTPS and FTP support, SOCKSv4/SOCKSv4.5/SOCKSv5 proxy (socks/socks.exe), POP3 proxy, SMTP proxy, AIM/ICQ proxy (icqpr/icqpr.exe), MSN messenger / Live messenger proxy (msnpr/msnpr.exe), FTP proxy, caching DNS proxy, TCP and UDP portmappers.